New Releases

Carnival and Sideshow Collection

il_570xN.758144944_lh4w[1]I am excited to introduce our new line of speckled dyed, wild and crazy yarn! Using the Carnival and Sideshow theme, we have created 5 special skeins of yarn for you all.   Each skein is carefully and lovingly dyed, so we can ensure enjoyment when you knit or crochet with the yarn.


Newest Yarn ‘Aurora’


My newest yarn, is now available both on Etsy, and on my website! Want to know more about this yarn?  Last week I launched a ‘name game’ on Instagram and Facebook. While reading everyone’s responses, I came across a comment that had a picture of the Northern Lights with the recommendation of the name ‘Aurora’. Being an artist, seeing beautiful pictures of paintings, or things in nature tend to hit like a bolt of lightening. BAM! The picture gets stuck in my head, I begin to obsess about the colors, and there is NO rest until the colors are freed from my head. So this one, is a finished interpretation of ‘Aurora’.